23 January 2012 @ 11:45 am
Hello & Welcome to this Community

The Membership is moderated
YOU CAN JOIN in the Following way:


  1. Introduce Yourself:
    Name / Age / Country: *you must not when you have in your Profil*
    Your Gender:
    Hobbys / Interest:
    *you must not when you have in your Profil*
    Favourite Artist:
    Favorite Groups:
    Somthing to say:
    *you must not*
  1. Read The Rules here made that I belive you:
    write this in your own words so that I belive you that you have understand the Rules
    Promise me that you will follow them
  1. Be sure that you have an Aktive journal (LJ or DW openID)
    How many Comments you made
    Interest you filled
    Bio you write (important you fill it - everthing what is fine)
    Entries you write (min. one where god - if not also ok when you fill all other requirments)
  1. Click the JOIN BUTTON ;)

-> Be sure you have made all steps made befor you click the join button
-> if not I reject you (+ notice why and when you can made again)
-> When you not follow this simple rule I reject you again
-> 3 X Reject = Banned

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21 October 2011 @ 08:53 pm
Hello, here is a Place for you in wich I take Requests....

Scan by: [personal profile] enshinge Cleaned by: mhtbleach  Edit by: [personal profile] sherry_true
Please make your Request here in this Form:
Artist - Song (PV / Peformance Date @ Place)
Wich subs you want (Kanji, Romaji, Englisch, ...)
RAW: when I do not have listed here, so link me to the source
Romaji: Source
Kanji: source
Englisch Translation: source

* No Worry when you not find the source of any, I try to find it,
   but when I can't find @ any Place, so I can't sub your request,
   because I'm NOT a translator *sorry*

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